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Iskustva TRION:Z korisnika

Iskustva korisnika TRION:Z proizvoda najviše govore o kvaliteti i blagotvornom učinku magnetske terapije i negativnog ionskog zračenja naših proizvoda.

Ovo su rezultati istraživanja koje TRION:Z redovito provodi među svojim korisnicima:

"Hi! Just to thank you for the trionz active bracelet. It never leaves my wrist. I have been training over the last two years for long distance swimming/ Channel swims. The Trion:Z has been invaluable to alievate pain in shoulders, wrists and neck due to the high volume of cold water training I completed. I completed the English Channel in 2009 in twenty hours and have just completed the north channel Between Scotland and Northern Ireland at the end of august in 17hours and 17 minutes swimming a total distance of 48k . Thanks again for a great piece of kit which realy work."

Steve Redmnond Shanavagh Ballydehob, Co. Cork Ireland

"A day after i purchased my trion z bracelet, oh my god!!! i cant believe the changes happend to me straigt away. I became fully energize, the feeling of youre always in the mood for anything,my headaches gone,backache  started easing down,even after work u still feel great, my cycling activities so much improved...This is one of the happiest thing happend to my life, thats why Guys and girls, u need to try this product and i can assure you,definitely its worth it..Thank you TRION-Z..."
Gerry Perez - Central London

"I am the Chief sports photographer at The Sun Newspaper. After being told about your bracelet by varoius sports stars I decided to try one. Trion:Z has helped me so much. I have suffered from chronic tennis elbow caused by using cameras for over 30 years. The bracelet is helping combat the tennis elbow."
Richard Pelham - London

"I've been wearing my Trion:Z for around 8 months now. I have been training for a half marathon over the last 2 months and I have gone from not being able to run a constant 2 miles to currently running 9.5 miles in 1hour 30 mins. I think this is down to the Trion:Z band. Happy days!!"
Ricky Stewart - Limavady (Northern Ireland)

"I bought my Trion:Z 2 weeks ago and feel like a different person. More alert, active and that post 3pm tiredness is a thing of the past! Spread the word!!! PB on the rowing machine!"
Mat Waters - Middlesborough (UK)

"I wear mine 24-7...If I remove it for a few days I can really feel the difference. I'm a believer. Physically you may not notice an immediate change; leave it on for a week then take it off for a couple days. I'm sure you'll have it back on soon."
Dennis Johnston, USA

"If it doesn't work for others then thats a shame, it works for me absolutely brilitantly, i had two painful knees, within about a week the pain had gone! Non-believers, you're missing out on a truly great product!"
Dan Payne, USA

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